17+ Formal Fashion Tips For Men's To Look Sexy

formal fashion tips for men

To look more attractive than others on any occasion, like a party, wedding, or any program, than the best outfit you can try is a formal outfit.

So, with a practical analysis Our team has come up with 15+ proven tips to style your formal outfit. 

Let's begin with 15+ formal fashion tips for men that make you look sexy, and you can be one attention seeker on any occasion. 

perfect color for a formal outfit

perfect color for a formal outfit

Perfect color selection is one of the main keys to success in your formal outfit style. In formal fashion, color matters the most. So, basically, you should avoid shiny, bright colors. 

To choose the perfect color for your outfit, you can try colors like black, white, vine, tan grey, and navy blue. 

This all-color is the perfect color choice to stand out in a formal style. 

Note: Don't be worried about dark skin tones because this color looks very sexy in all skin tones. 

Confident is key.

Skin tone, face shape, or body appearance don't matter the most, but a confident attitude, positive posture, and positive behavior matter the most. In order to enhance your formal fashion, adapting a positive, confident style is best. 

Best Hair Style for Formal Dress-Up

If you are going with formal fashion, you should focus on your hairstyle. So, before going to the barber to cut your hair, you should follow these steps to get your perfect hair style that matches properly.
  1. Know your face shape.
  2. Search celebrities with the same face shape.
  3. Now visit their social media accounts.
  4. Copy the hiar cut. 

If you want to learn about the best hairstyles, read this article. 

Note: Avoid high-volume and ring-cut hairstyles because they don't fit with formal fashion outfits. 

Shirt to dress your formal outfit

The best shirt you can choose for a formal outfit is cotton fabric or silk and cotton shirt. 

Follow these criteria while choosing your shirt. Silk and cotton wear at parties, wearing
For officemate type

  1. Before wearing a shirt, it should be properly pressed.
  2. Always make the shirt fit 
Before wearing a shirt, it should be properly pressed

Note: Avoid big collars; collars should be perfect. Use a Mandarin collar shirt in solid color because solid color can be used in casual and formal settings too. 

Tug your shirt properly.

If you choose the best shirt, the next step is to tug your shirt properly.
You can follow these steps to tug your shirt properly.

tug shirt and make it fit

Use a tug on the shirt belt.

You can get a tug-in shirt belt, which you can buy easily from Amazon, Flipkart, or other e-commerce websites. Which cost under Rs 300. 
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Use a tug on the shirt belt.

Use the military tug-in method.

If you don't have money, you can simply follow this military tug-of-war in method.

Use the military tug-in method.

Choosing the Perfect Tie

Choosing the Perfect Tie

When the hair style is set and the shirt is also set, look over the tie. The perfect tie looks attractive and smart. You can use a simple tie, but the length of the tie matters.

Style your tie by following these categories.
  1. Not too long
  2. Not too short
  3. It should be at the belt level. 

Note: If using a tie, wear a full-sleeve shirt; otherwise, avoid ties with short sleeves. 

Best belt that fits a formal outfit

Best belt that fits a formal outfit

Don't be wary of belts; you can easily buy a belt from our reference or you can follow these guidelines while buying a belt for yourself.
  1. Use slim and sleek
  2. Avoid too long a belt.
  3. Buy the belt after a perfect adjustment.
  4. Avoid shiny and buckled belts.
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belt best adjustment

Formal pants to choose

Formal pants to choose

When dealing with upper parts, you should now focus on pants. The best pant you can use to dress up your formal outfit is a chinos pant.

The best color selection for formal pants is grey, black, or navy blue. Make sure the pant you choose is long enough to the ankle. 

shocks selection for formal outfit

Most people don't focus on shocks, but shocks are also important to complete your formal dress.

Shocks to choose

  1. Avoid ankle socks.
  2. Use full-length shocks.
  3. Color: choose brown or black. 

Shoes for a formal outfit

For shoe selection, you can choose formal shoes in black or brown colour.
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Accessories to enhance your formal outfit

1. Watch

best formal watch to wear

2. bracelet

best bracelet to wear in formal

Best color combination

Shirt + pant = black + grey + navy blue + grey + light + pink + black, grey + black, white + black + olive + black, white + grey, tan + black, white + black, light + blue, dark + grey. 

More pro tips..

  1. Sleeves roll
  2. Open the top 1 button
  3. Trim chest hair properly.
  4. works on your physique 


By following these formal fashion tips, you can easily enhance your formal dressing sense. We have given you an affiliate link, so the product is properly checked before we list it.