What Is My Face Shape? A Comprehensive Guide

Unlock Your Style Potential: Learn to Determine Your Face Shape and Enhance Beauty with Hairstyles, Makeup, and Glasses Tips!
What Is My Face Shape

What Is My Face Shape?

In today's world of beauty and self-expression, knowing your face shape can be a game-changer. It not only helps you choose the most flattering hairstyles and makeup techniques but also aids in selecting the perfect pair of glasses or accessories. So, what is my face shape? This piece will guide you through identifying your unique face shape and exploring the best styles that complement it.


Your face shape is like the canvas upon which you paint your personality. It provides the foundation for your style choices, influencing how certain looks improve your natural beauty. Let's dive into the fascinating world of face shapes and how understanding them can elevate your personal style.

The Value of Understanding Your Face Shape

Why is it important to understand your facial shape? It's the secret to having a pleasing and balanced appearance, after all. It assists you in avoiding fashion decisions that might not enhance your characteristics and instead directs you toward selections that highlight your greatest qualities.

How to Choose the Right Face Shape

Let's find out what shape your face is first before discussing the various facial shapes. Take a flexible measuring tape, then perform these easy instructions.

how to measure my face shape

Measurement of the forehead

1. To begin, measure the width of your forehead where it is widest, usually just below the hairline.

Measure your cheekbones.

2. Take a measurement across your cheekbones, beginning and finishing at the pointiest point just below each eye's outer corner.

Measurement of Your Jawline

3. Calculate your jaw's upward angle from the tip of your chin to the area just below your ear. This dimension should be multiplied by two to accommodate both sides of your face.

Measuring the Length of Your Face

4. Run the tape from the middle of your hairline all the way down to the tip of your chin to determine the length of your face.

Note: After measuring is done you can use face shape calculator to know your face shape.

The Six Typical Face Shapes

The Six Typical Face Shapes

With your dimensions in hand, let's determine your facial shape:


Head: Broadprominent cheekbones; a gently rounded jawlineFace Length: Greater than Width


The forehead is roughly the same width as the cheekbones and jawline.full and rounded cheekbones softly curved jawline; shorter face length than width


Head: BroadAn acute cheekbone with a width comparable to the foreheadAngles are sharp.Face Length: About the same as breadth


Head: BroadProminent cheekbones; tapering jawline with a pointed chinFace Length: Greater than Width


Forehead: SlenderWide and high cheekbonespointed and narrow jawlineFace Length: Greater than Width


Head: Broadnot particularly prominent cheekbonesJawline: Soft contoursFace Length: Considerably greater than breadth

Haircuts for Various Face Shapes

After determining your face shape, let's look at some haircut ideas that will highlight your individual attractiveness.

Hairstyles for Oval Faces Men

Hairstyles for Oval Faces Men

Hairstyle: Slicked Back Undercut

Celebrity Reference: David Beckham

Hairstyle: Short Quiff

Celebrity Reference: Zac Efron

Hairstyle: Medium Length with Layers

Celebrity Reference: Chris Hemsworth

Hairstyles for Round Faces Men

Hairstyles for Round Faces Men

Hairstyle: Short Sides with a Textured Top

Celebrity Reference: Channing Tatum

Hairstyle: Side-Parted Pompadour

Celebrity Reference: Leonardo DiCaprio

Hairstyle: High and Tight Fade

Celebrity Reference: Justin Timberlake

Hairstyles for a Square Face Shape Men

Hairstyles for a Square Face Shape Men

Hairstyle: Classic Crew Cut

Celebrity Reference: Chris Evans

Hairstyle: Textured Quiff

Celebrity Reference: Henry Cavill

Hairstyle: Short Caesar Cut

Celebrity Reference: Bradley Cooper

Heart-shaped face hairstyles Men

Heart-shaped face hairstyles Men

Hairstyle: Messy Fringe

Celebrity Reference: Ryan Gosling

Hairstyle: Side Swept Bangs

Celebrity Reference: Robert Pattinson

Hairstyle: Classic Taper Cut

Celebrity Reference: Tom Hiddleston

Hairstyles for the Diamond Face Shape Men

Hairstyles for the Diamond Face Shape Men

Hairstyle: Short Textured Crop

Celebrity Reference: Ryan Reynolds

Hairstyle: Wavy Side Swept

Celebrity Reference: Johnny Depp

Hairstyle: Low Fade with Angular Fringe

Celebrity Reference: Adam Levine

Hairstyles for Oblong Face Shape Men

Hairstyles for Oblong Face Shape Men

Hairstyle: long, layered waves

Celebrity Reference: Jason Momoa

Hairstyle: Classic Pompadour

Celebrity Reference: George Clooney

Hairstyle: Short Buzz Cut

Celebrity Reference: Jude Law

Selecting Eyewear for Your Face Shape Men

Your eyeglasses can be a fashionable addition that accentuates the features of your face. Let's look at the ideal eyewear for each face shape so you can make an informed decision.

Accessorize Your Face Shape with the Right Accessories

The finishing touches to your outfit are accessories. Learn how to select scarves and jewelry that complement your face shape and overall look.

Appreciating Your Individual Beauty

Keep in mind that your unique beauty extends beyond your face shape. Accept it, but don't be scared to try new things and express yourself in a way that makes you feel beautiful and confident.


The first step to enhancing your inherent attractiveness is to understand your facial shape. It makes a universe of hairstyles available.

and cosmetic options, enabling you to confidently express yourself. Remember that each and every face shape has beauty, so embrace your individual features. So go ahead, develop your uniqueness, and explore.